At Telefactor Robotics, we make advanced robotic modules and integrated solutions to enable the realistic projection of human presence and human-like capabilities.

Our vision modules include a range of offerings, from lightweight video encoders and camera modules, to end-to-end immersive telepresence solutions. Our dexterity modules include a family of lightweight and conformal grippers, and modular manipulation components.

Visit us at NDIA GRCC 2015

Telefactor Robotics will be demonstrating our advanced vision and dexterity modules at the NDIA Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference and Exhibition, April 7-8 2015.

HARV Compact Gimbals & PTUs

Low-SWAP, high-performance gimbals and pan-tilt units that can be easily integrated onto any platform.

VISPRO H.264 HD Video Encoder

Introducing VISPRO - a feature-rich, high-definition, low latency H.264 video encoder board - for anywhere that high performance, small size, light weight, or low power is a priority.

Contineo Conformal Grippers

Contineo Conformal Grippers feature a human-like dexterous grasp.  

VISPRO Cameras

Based on the VISPRO H.264 HD Video Encoder, VISPRO Cameras are available either as OEM modules or with rugged packaging. 

HARV 3D Vision System

The HARV 3D Vision System offers high definition, immersive visual telepresence with natural stereoscopic depth perception.

HARV Viewer

The HARV Viewer provides a head-aimed control system for any non-stereo Chatten Associates gimbal, and is available either as a rugged turnkey system or as software and hardware that you install on your own laptop or PC.